Prophetic Painting- Trousseau for the Bride

Dress painting

I painted at a women’s worship meeting yesterday and painted this painting. Several months ago my husband and I were in France. We had particular interest in visiting sites where the Huguenots had been martyred. In one of the cities we saw a clothing shop with a rotating mannequin in the window. It wore a white dress that had sketches of dresses pinned to it. I took a photo. I was drawn to it, believing the Lord wanted there to be sketches of churches on it. He also spoke to me the word “trousseau.” It is a dowry, or an outfit of the bride. It can be a hope chest, glory box or its contents. I believe the Lord wants to give the Bride a trousseau. He wants her adorned as the beautiful Church. The fact that the dress was rotating, means to me that there have been seasons when God has given out these beautiful gifts, and it is coming around again!

On our trip we visited many beautiful churches, basilicas, and cathedrals. They are so stunning as they let in colorful light through their stained glass windows. I love the magnificent architectural elements, the gothic arches, the stone carvings and massive wood doors. God wants to bring beauty back to the Bride of Christ. He wants to give her a “hope chest” of blessings, glory and beauty. He wants the very structure of the Church’s spiritual character to be beautiful.

As a side note: the Huguenots were known as being artists and craftsmen.



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