Free Sample from SHADOW PAINTER: Chapter 4, #1 and #2


SHADOW PAINTER, prophetic art book by Laurie A. Stasi
Shadow Painter, prophetic art, revelation art, Christian Art.

FREE SAMPLE From Chapter 4:   “33 Categories of Prophetic Visual Art”  Sample of #1 and #2


This type of prophetic art is done while painting and we let Holy Spirit direct all choices of paint, strokes, form and colors in the moments we are painting. There are many artists who paint during church services who are expressing prophetic art in this way. This may be done without a vision or image, just letting the Holy Spirit orchestrate the art. The results are abstract and free. They may express; images, emotion, color from heaven or the very heart of God. It is important to allow yourself to feel Holy Spirit’s lead and His anointing, and surrender yourself and your thoughts to allow Him to flow through you. Sometimes, it can be almost trance-like, where you are not conscious of making mental choices of color etc., but are completely led.

In music, this is done with improvisation under the anointing. Many now “sing in the spirit,” hearing a tune and words from heaven and release it in song. This could also be done with rap for those individuals who have their art so fine tuned that they can just flow with rhyming words to the anointing. They are able to creatively release a message from heaven.



This type of prophetic art is very similar to painting in the spirit, but the intent of the heart is totally engaged in worship. It is a giving mode, not receiving. The final results shouldn’t matter to people around us. It is an offering of worship to God. You may paint from an image from a vision, or it may be free flow of painting in the Spirit. This is the highest form of prophetic art. It is an act of love. This, of course, can be done in music, or any other medium. I prophetically sing in my kitchen while unloading the dishwasher, purely as an offering of worship. Some things we create are for God alone. They are a fragrant worship offering.

The Greek word in the New Testament for worship is “proskyneo.” It can mean to kiss the hand, as a token of reverence. Another meaning is to fall upon the knees and touch our forehead to the ground. We can let our creativity become kisses of adoration and bowing in surrender to Almighty God. We can put our gifts before Him as an offering of love.

I once saw a vision of a pomegranate, and the Lord showed me that it was about intimacy with Him and His desire for me. Soon after this, I was asked to paint at a small worship meeting and felt I needed to paint the pomegranate. I set up in a back corner, which is uncommon. Usually prophetic artists are near the front. But I was not painting this one for the audience to receive a message; I was painting as a gift to the Lord. It was the most incredible time with Jesus. I could not stand; I kept getting rocked by God. I painted pomegranates as my gift to Him, painting in pure love.

David spontaneously danced when the ark was being brought into Jerusalem. His dance was a pure act of worship. He was filled with celebration as the Spirit overcame him with joy.

We can paint in the spirit without any earthly paint. Just use your spiritual eye and reach for heavenly colors and paint in the heavenly realm. This painting is recorded in heavenly galleries. It feels much like play, and the Holy Spirit loves it. You are painting by faith for the Lord. Sometimes we have to learn how to come like a child. This is a good exercise for prophetic art groups to break off rigid thinking and become kids again.

Some art is to draw others into worship. The act of performing the art is a creative form that allows the process itself to become a performance and corporate worship to the Lord. Art can be executed in many creative ways. My husband and I were given tickets to see Trans Siberian Orchestra. They present music with extravagant presentation of: lights, visual images, smoke and fire. It is a wonderful experience in creativity. The way we present worship can be an extravagant experience to glorify the Lord. He is worthy of splendor and spectacular display.




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