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SHADOW PAINTER, prophetic art book by Laurie A. Stasi


Many Christian artists from every denomination listen to the Lord and create art, music or writings from what God reveals to them. Some receive a message from the Bible, from a sermon, or even just “a knowing” what to write or create. Some have dreams from God, or see images in visions. Artists, sculptors, writers, dancers, musicians and other types of artists are incorporating revelation from God into their Christian art. We call these individuals “Prophetic Artists.”

SHADOW PAINTER is an instructional handbook for prophetic Christian artists to help them grow in their calling. This handbook includes the 33 categories of prophetic art. It contains exercises and Bible Studies for individuals and groups. Even though the writer comes from a visual art perspective, whatever type of artist you are, this book will help you grow in your calling as a Christian prophetic artist.

SHADOW PAINTER explains the mission of Bezalel, the first person in the Bible who was spirit-filled. He was a craftsman and an artist who released a shadow or a picture of the heavenly tabernacle, and made its copy on the earth. His assignment gives prophetic artists guidance in their calling.

SHADOW PAINTER also discusses supernatural wisdom, creativity, godly imagination, and revelation. It explains the amazing gift of accessing the heavenly realm. It covers important spiritual principles relating to the supernatural ways of God that every prophetic artist should know about.

SHADOW PAINTER also gives guidance in creating small arts groups, as well as instruction for living as a prophetic artist. This handbook encourages ways to take back the arts and how to intercede regarding the arts.

If you hunger for God and you want to use your creative gifts for Him, this book will support you in your quest. It will also help guide the beginner in learning to hear from the Lord.

God is rising up gifted individuals who are surrendered to hearing His voice and releasing His messages through the arts. If this is your calling, boldly go forward and develop your abilities. SHADOW PAINTER is a useful tool in fulfilling your mission.

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