Welcome to Shadow Painter – INTRODUCTION

SHADOW PAINTER, prophetic art book by Laurie A. Stasi

We live in a generation that is seeking more of the Lord and of spiritual things. Many are receiving revelation from Him. Countless individuals have dreams, visions or even trances. Some of these people feel called to demonstrate what they have seen or heard in their creative art. These individuals we now call, “prophetic artists.”

The aim my new book SHADOW PAINTER, is to help prophetic artists in every area of art to understand the vast possibilities in doing art for God. SHADOW PAINTER includes 33 types or categories of prophetic art, 29 exercises, and 24 Bible Study topics to develop your prophetic artistic gifting.

SHADOW PAINTER will also help others in the church understand what prophetic art is, and why God wants the body of Christ to embrace the Father’s gift of creativity. I hope to encourage artists in the lifestyle of the prophetic, and give helpful direction in hearing from Him and interpreting their visions.

The Bible gives us solid understanding of the prophetic and the arts. SHADOW PAINTER stands on scriptures to present topics related to art, imagination and creativity. Christian artists should know what the Lord says related to these subjects so they can be the most effective in their callings as artists.

I pray that as you read this book, God will anoint your creativity, and you will find more ways to use the arts for the Lord’s glory. Whatever your field of study, weather it be the visual arts, music, cinema, calligraphy, banners, photography, dance, writing, drama, etc., Shadow Painter will give you information that will stretch you and help you grow in your creativity. As I wrote, I frequently put information in context of visual art, but please apply the principles to your creative medium.

The Lord has precious revelation He wants to release to our generation. He has prophetic guidance and wisdom He wants to impart to His children. I pray that churches will embrace the arts, and the artists in their calling as they release a message from heaven. I encourage artists to fearlessly go forward with the message they have received.

The world has had an evil grip on the arts for too long. Its time we take them back and offer them as a sweet sacrifice to our Savior. SHADOW PAINTER will give direction and guidance and together we can create for the Lord’s glory.


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