SHADOW PAINTER, prophetic art book by Laurie A. Stasi

I worked on this book  for over five years, collecting treasured words and instruction that the Lord was speaking. God wants the arts to be taken back for His glory! He wants the prophetic word to be released! He wants the prophets to rise up and grown in their calling! HOW EXCITING!!!


SHADOW PAINTER is an instructional handbook for prophetic Christian artists, that will help them grow in their calling. This handbook includes 33 catetories of prophetic art. It contains exercises and Bible Studies for individuals and groups. Whether you are a painter, writer, sculptor, photographer, banner designer or any other type of artist, this book will help you grow as a Christian prophetic artist. SHADOW PAINTER explains the Biblical background of Bezalel, the first person who was spirit-filled and chosen to create the objects of the tabernacle. It discusses wisdom, creativity, imagination and the amazing gift of accessing the heavenly realm. It covers spiritual principles relating to the supernatural. It gives guidance in creating small art groups, as well as personal instruction for living as a prophetic artist. This handbook encourages ways to take back the arts and how to interceed regarding the arts. If you hunger for God and want to use your creative gifts for Him, this book will support you in your quest. It will also help guide the beginner in learning to hear from the Lord. Equip yourself as a prophet for our generation. Purchase SHADOW PAINTER on Amazon today!


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